Beans Casserole with Meat

A little beans with meat, and the taste of kebab al-Hilla is left, and the thirsty harissa moved the tajine in another place, completely. Try it in the same way, and you will not find its sweetness.

-A kilo of boiled meat, small pieces
-2 cups boiled egg beans
-2 cups tomato juice
-Minced tom
-Minced onion
-Chopped hot pepper
-Slim hot pepper
-Julienne onions
-Diced tomatoes
-Salt and Pepper
-Cumin and coriander
-Oil and ghee
-One suspension as demi-glace powder, dissolved in a quarter cup of water..Optional
-Boiled soup

-Hanging as ghee
-Hanging as oil
-Hanging as a harissa
-Hanging minced Tom
-One hanging full of fine coriander

We will boil the meat in the normal way, and we will remove it from the soup. It will be drained. After that, bring a sauce with oil and ghee. Put it in a chopped frying pan with two cloves of Tom, and fry them well until the onion turns yellow. We go down with tomato juice and a hot pepper pod, cut into small pieces, and then the tomatoes. Add the beans and the soup and adjust the salt, pepper, cumin and coriander, and when the fire boils for a quarter of an hour… At this time, take a saucepan, put ghee in it, and put the boiled meat with julienne onions and diced tomatoes and a chopped pepper pod with nutmeg, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and fry them for ten minutes on the fire. Aley, after that, put them on the beans and add the demi-glace powder, which we put in a little water, and transfer them to a casserole and put them in the oven, so that they are browned, and as soon as you come out, you are ready for the dish.

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