Chicken A B four seasonings are better than some

Seasoning (1) parsley and lemon:
-Half a kilo of boneless breasts
-Half a cup of chopped parsley
-Quarter cup of lemon juice
-Hanging minced Tom
-Hanging with lemon zest
-Hanging text of ground cardamom
-2 tablespoons of olive oil
-2 pickled green peppers

Hit it all together in a kibbeh until it is soft and seasoned with chicken, meat or fish. It tastes really amazing.

Seasoning (2) teriyaki:
-Half a kilo of pins
-Quarter cup of soy sauce
-Quarter cup of orange juice
-Quarter cup of oil
-Hanging r sugar
-Hanging crushed ginger
-Salt and Pepper

Stir all the ingredients together and add the pins or any piece of the chicken with it.

Seasoning (3) mustard with honey:
-Half a kilo of shish, small cubes
-Quarter cup of mustard
-Quarter cup of white honey
-Quarter cup of oil
-Hanging minced Tom
-Text m r onion powder
-Salt and Pepper
-Juice of a large lemon

My heart is all together and ready, it tastes amazing.

Seasoning (4) curry seasoning:
-4 boneless chicken thighs
-Quarter cup of Rayeb milk
-Quarter cup of hot sauce
-Quarter cup of oil
-Hanging as tomato sauce
-Hanging as curry
-Hanging r cumin
-Salt and Pepper

This seasoning made me taste chicken tikka because of its beauty.


You can season any meat or chicken with all these seasonings and keep them in the freezer and let them calm down and straighten them in any way you like, whether grill or oven or even on the stove … And you can also make a quantity of each seasoning and keep it in the freezer for the time of use.

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