Chicken and vegetable mold

Chicken pan with vegetables and pasta with roquefort cheese.

-Quarter of a kilo of chopped breasts
-Quarter a kilo of minced thighs
-Big egg
-Quarter cup of rusk
-Quarter cup of milk
-2 pieces of cheese triangles
-Peas and boiled carrots
-Chopped parsley
-Salt and Pepper
-Tom Powder
-Onion powder
-Chicken spices
-Chopped coriander
-Shata.. optional.

All together, the time for the peas and carrots is in the kibbeh for five minutes, and at the last minute we drop the peas and carrots, turning you into two turns, then into the kibbeh and close… Transfer this mixture in an oiled toast pan, close it with a sheet of butter and a piece of foil, and put it in a preheated oven at 180 for an hour and a half, and let it cool and put it inside. Refrigerate for two hours and it will be ready cut into slices and you can replace the peas and carrots with colored pepper or mushrooms or even without pure vegetables.

Macaroni Blue Cheese:
-Blue cheese mold
-Cup of cooking cream
-A cup of milk + suspended as flour
-Onion powder
-Tom Powder
-Boiled spaghetti

Bring a saucepan, put cream, flour and milk and stir them cold, then put them on the fire and my heart, and when the mixture starts to burn, calm the fire, add the sauce, and add black pepper, onions, tom powder, cheese mold, and stir until it is completely combined with the sauce … Then put the boiled pasta and let the fire calm its hair for five minutes. You will be ready.

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