Chicken Potato Tray

-4 . chopped chicken
-Potato Rings
-Sliced onion
-Diced tomatoes
-2 tablespoons of oil
-Small spoonful of chicken spices
-Maggi cube…optional
-A cup of meh
-2 tablespoons of sauce

We will turn the onions with tomatoes, spices, salt, pepper, oil and a Maggi cube very well until we find the vegetables. We take out all the water in the water…. After that, we put the potatoes and chicken and stir them well, stir the sauce with the water and pour it on the tray and close with foil and enter the oven 200 for an hour and at the end we take out the paper to The face is blushing.

Orzo Soup with Carrot:
-Sparrow tongue cup
-Half a cup of shredded carrots
-1 teaspoon tomato sauce
-Laura paper

We will heat the fat and oil and bring all the spices and saute them and after that we lower the bird tongue and fry and then we put the carrots and a small spoon of tomato sauce and fry it all well and go down with the boiling soup … We forget to boil well and then we turn off the fire and cover the pot and wait for an hour…. The pheasant is not seated boiling on the fire for a long time.

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