Chicken tikka rice with minced meat

-1 medium onion
-1 large tomato
-Quarter cup of meh
-Pinch of salt and pepper
-Small spoonful of onion and garlic powder
-Small spoonful of chicken spices
-Small spoonful of thyme
-Sprinkle cinnamon
-Big spoon vinegar
-Big spoon of oil
-Big spoon tomato sauce
-Big spoon of soy sauce

We will hit the above all together in the blender and filter it well and leave all the bagasse in its urine so that we will use it in rice
We season the leftover chicken with the mixture we described, bring a grilling net, put the chicken under a tray of boiling water, and put the chicken in oven 200 for an hour and a quarter and every 20 minutes we open the oven and brush the chicken with the rest of the seasoning mixture.

Minced meat rice:
-Quarter of a kilo of minced meat
-2 cups basmati rice, washed and soaked for half an hour
-Chopped onion
-Boiling water
-Chicken seasoning bagasse

We take the onions with all the spices and stir them well. After that, we bring the meat and stir, and then we drop the chicken mixture and fry them well, and then we bring the rice and stir well, and we bring down the boiling water and we complete the rice in the normal way.

Quick garlic:
-Half a cup of mayonnaise
-2 cartons of yogurt
-Small spoonful of minced garlic
-A small spoonful of vinegar
-A small spoonful of lemon juice

We will stir the ingredients together and they are ready.

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