Cold dessert cake

-Four eggs
-A cup and a half of sugar
-Vanilla envelope and bacon powder orange sprinkle, if available
-Three tablespoons of starch
-Small cup of oil
-Small cup of milk
-A glass of milk or orange juice
-About two and a half cups of flour, or a little more
-Cocoa as desired

Mix eggs with sugar and vanilla so that the mixture becomes creamy, then add oil, vinegar, starch and milk with continuous whisking, then add a cup of milk or juice, mix well and add baking powder with flour. Just add cocoa. Decrease the amount of flour and add cocoa instead.

We put it in the mold, grease the flour well and even on the edges, and we enter a preheated oven at 150 degrees from under the first thing, and only about half an hour, depending on the type of oven you follow, it may be more, but it is from below, you work from above until they are brown.
Once it cools, you can look at it, and when it cools down, cut it into sections and a thousand health and here.

Note, please bring any cake that is ready as well, but the cake at home is better, of course.

How to prepare the pudding cream:
-Liter of milk
-Six big spoons of starch
-Two vanilla envelopes
-Hanging flower water
-Sugar according to taste

The materials are streaked cold and put on fire with constant stirring to completely stick.
We put the first layer of cake at the bottom of the mold, then we add the cream mixture, then we put another layer of the cake and again the mixture of cream and layers according to your taste. You want more as well.

A thousand health and here.

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