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Cuna de lobos is a Mexican television series produced by Giselle González for Televisa. It is a reboot based on the 1986 Mexican telenovela of the same title and the second production of the Fábrica de sueños franchise. The series stars Paz Vega, Gonzalo García Vivanco, and Paulette Hernández. It premiered on 7 October 2019, and will consist of 25 episodes.

The series revolves around Catalina Creel, whose great beauty is only surpassed by her cruelty, will go to any lengths to secure her fortune and bloodline. Filming of the production began on 15 April 2019 and concluded in July 2019.


Catalina Creel (Paz Vega), matriarch of the Larios family, celebrates with her son Alejandro (Diego Amozurrutia) and her husband Carlos (Leonardo Daniel) the anniversary of the Gothier jewelers. Leonora (Paulette Hernández), a spontaneous graphic journalist, arrives to cover the event and a connection emerges between her and Alejandro. Catalina has absolute control in the family emporium, managing to banish her stepson José Carlos (Gonzalo García Vivanco), son of Carlos’s first marriage with Gloria, who died years ago, in addition to her husband Carlos professing her an unconditional love. After the celebration, Catalina and Carlos prepare to enjoy a second honeymoon trip aboard their yacht, but the romantic atmosphere is broken after the abrupt call Carlos receives from a mysterious man, risking the gruesome plan that Catalina has built for years. Carlos refuses to believe the man, but he gives him revealing evidence. Hurt and full of anger, he confronts Catalina, who denies the accusation. However, given the unquestionable evidence, she ends up cynically accepting her guilt. The revelation affects the heart problem that Carlos has had for years, causing him a strong crisis. Catalina uses his crisis to finally get rid of him. Catalina contemplates how Carlos’s body is lost in the sea

After Carlos’s funeral, the family lawyer makes the reading of the will, which stipulates a clear and forced clause addressed to both his son’s: the first one to give him a grandson of his blood will be the universal heir of all his emporium, this way to ensure the continuity of the Larios family. Although it seems that Alejandro has an advantage because of the addictions of José Carlos, the reality is that Alejandro keeps a dark secret that endangers him taking the inheritance. Since years ago Alejandro maintains a double life, he has a secret relationship with another man, Miguel. Catalina has never confronted him, however, with the inheritance in danger, she demands him to start an affair with Leonora, so she can be used to conceive the son they need. Catalina faces many problems, besides the complications of her sons double life, including the harassment of Luis (Osvaldo de León), an honest reporter who seeks to reveal the illegal businesses that occur within Gothier and the mysterious death of Carlos Larios; she must also confront her stepson José Carlos, who knows the plan that she and Alejandro have. José Carlos intends to prevent Leonora from being used to seize the inheritance. Catalina, in her obsession with the power of the Gothier jewelers, begins to cover her path with cruel murders to get rid of anyone who intends to get in her way.

José Carlos, has overcome his addictions with the help of Leonora, and thanks to the secret love he feels for her, has become more involved in the businesses of Gothier jewelry stores, and discovers financial transactions that lead to a network of gemstone traffickers from Sierra Leone, Africa. Aware of the situation, Catalina looks for a way to banish him again from the company and the family home. Catalina celebrates Alejandro’s marriage with Leonora and boasts of her triumph. José Carlos decides to travel to Sierra Leone, where he finds out that this dirty business has materialized at the cost of the exploitation of men, women and even children, sheltered by an important group of high-level officials within and out of the country. Things begin to get complicated for Catalina, who is becoming a more bloodthirsty being. Months later, Leonora gives birth to little Edgar. After the birth, Alejandro loses interest in Leonora and his son, and is determined to recover Miguel (José Pablo Minor), endangering Catalina’s plans and the inheritance she already feels at her fingertips.

With the birth of Édgar, Leonora becomes an obstacle, because she has seen who Catalina really is; in addition to this, she discovers the secret relationship that Alejandro has had for years with Miguel, understanding that she was only used to have a son they needed to win the family fortune. Catalina decides to forge a plan by getting Leonora locked up in prison and putting Alejandro against her, who visits her in her cell and swears that he will make her pay by never letting her see her son again. Leonora feels that she is going crazy by seeing that Edgar is taken away. She begs José Carlos to help her out of prison and recover her baby. José Carlos, with the help of Luis, will start a race against time to get Leonora free and show that Catalina is the same person behind all the crimes.

Cast and characters


  • Paz Vega as Catalina Creel, Carlos’ wife, and Alejandro’s mother.
  • Paulette Hernández as Leonora Navarro, she is photographer of the newspaper La Verdad.
  • Gonzalo García Vivanco as José Carlos Larios, Carlos’ alcoholic son.
  • Diego Amozurrutia as Alejandro Larios, Catalina’s bisexual son.
  • Nailea Norvind as Ámbar Reyes, Francisco’s wife.
  • Flavio Medina as Francisco Larios, Carlos’ brother and Catalina’s lover.
  • Azela Robinson as Gélica Andrade, the housekeeper of the Larios house.
  • Carlos Aragón as Diego Solórzano, Catalina’s accomplice.
  • José Pablo Minor as Miguel Terranova Contreras, Alejandro’s boyfriend.
  • Osvaldo de León as Luis Guzmán, reporter friend of Leonora.
  • Leonardo Daniel as Carlos Larios, patriarch of the Larios family.

Guest stars

  • Paulina Treviño as Margarita, Luis’ wife.
  • Emma Escalante as Mora, Alejandro’s girlfriend, who resides in Madrid, Spain.
  • Matías Luzbik as Matías Guzmán, Luis’ son.
  • Fernando Larrañaga
  • Miroslava
  • Adalberto Parra
  • Juan Carlos Vives


The title of each episode refers to a phrase mentioned by a character in it.


No. Title Mexico air date U.S. air date Mexico viewers
U.S. viewers
1 “Un muerto no puede cambiar su testamento” 7 October 2019 21 October 2019 5.8 TBA
In a boat where Catalina and her husband Carlos went to an unknown place, Carlos is shown drowning in the sea, asking Catalina for help, but instead she helps him decide to hit him with a fire extinguisher, and then to hit him, being he unconscious, she decides to throw Carlos’s body into the sea to die drowned. A few hours before this event, Carlos was playing golf with his son Alejandro, but suddenly he suffers a pre-infarction, so the doctor recommends taking a vacation with his wife, and there Carlos and Catalina decide to organize a party, and then both go for the second time on honeymoon. On the other hand, José Carlos, the other son of Carlos, lives a miserable life by not having money and not having the support of his father to fulfill his whims. So it is necessary to press him so that his father yields to his whims, and begins to call him several times. But Carlos insists on not helping him. Meanwhile, the night falls and the farewell party of Catalina and Carlos begins, and in the middle of an interview the reporter Luis Guzmán bothers Catalina asking about the alleged matter of diamond trafficking that makes the Larios family diamond company. There Alejandro meets Leonora, a photographer that immediately upon learning that he is Catalina’s son, begins to be more interested in him. After finishing the party, Alejandro is at home sending messages to his girlfriend Mora; but she gives him a surprise coming to his house without notifying him. While there, Mora learns that Alejandro is bisexual, since she finds him with another man. While she is furious, she decides to leave the place and threaten Alejandro to get his secret from everyone. Meanwhile, Catalina and Carlos, are heading to an unknown place on the boat they rented, suddenly Carlos receives a call from a mysterious man who tells him that his wife is unfaithful to his brother, and that his son Alejandro is not in his biological son. At that moment, Carlos furiously argues with Catalina, and in the middle of the discussion he begins to suffer another heart attack, and asks Catalina for help, but she refuses to help. And she decides to kill him, hitting him with a fire extinguisher, and then throws the body into the sea.


2 “Talón de Aquiles” 8 October 2019[a] 22 October 2019 2.7 TBA
The episode begins with Catalina Creel sitting and saying her typical phrases, while a flashback of scenes of her is shown next to an unknown child, and then she is shown arriving at the morgue where they meet a coroner. In this episode the lawyer of the Larios family, summons all the members of the family to let them know about the will that Carlos left. Later when everyone meets, they see the will in video format, and there Carlos tells his family, that for their children to enjoy the inheritance, José Carlos or Alejandro must start a family and have a child. Or else within two years, the will will lose its validity and the inheritance will become part of a foundation. Meanwhile, Catalina tells her son Alejandro that she must end his relationship with Miguel so he can fulfill the will of his father Carlos. After these events, José Carlos begins to drink and get high without control and then in the middle of the road he runs into the ghost of his father, who blames him for having caused Catalina to lose her eye. On the other hand, Leonora calls Alejandro to ask them to meet, upon arriving at the residence of the Larios, she meets José Carlos in a drunken state, and at that time, José Carlos tries to take his own life by throwing himself into the pool to die drowned, but Leonora helps him. Later, Luis’s wife tells him that his son disappeared, and they both think he was kidnapped; but in reality Catalina was the one who had the child in her possession, which she uses as an excuse to ask Luis to stop thinking that she is a murderer, and invites him to work with her in her diamond emporium. Meanwhile Mora tells Alejandro that in an interview he will have at night she will tell everyone that he is gay. Alejandro tells his mother, and she immediately looks for a way to resolve the matter, meeting with Mora and telling her that if she opens her mouth to tell Alejandro’s secret, everyone will know she had a past as a pornographic actress. Then, Catalina meets the coroner who ruled that Carlos died of natural causes, to make him pay for having betrayed her. And at this moment the forensic tells her that he gave the original autopsy reports to a friend, and Catalina decides to kill him.


3 “Monstruos” 9 October 2019 23 October 2019 2.6 TBA
Gélica discovers a small spot of blood on a Catalina blouse, she finds her and tells Gélica to get rid of it. Luis sees in the news that Ignacio Vasco, the coroner who gave him the true opinion of Carlos Larios’ autopsy, was murdered. So Luis tries to get rid of the opinion he gave to save. José Carlos is arrested for brutally beating a woman in a hotel room under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and for possession of illegal substances. Alejandro calls Leonora and invites her to dinner at the Larios mansion. Catalina picks up José Carlos in the ministry, he asks Catalina to believe him, that he is innocent of hitting the woman he was with at the hotel, and tells him how things happened. Catalina remembers that José Carlos discovered her having sex with Francisco, when Catalina finds José Carlos, he responds to her by fitting a toy arrow in her right eye, remembering how she lost her eye and her grudge against José Carlos. Alejandro and Miguel invite Leonora to a party, but Miguel begins to get jealous of Leonora. José Carlos leaves the public ministry with help from Ámbar, and Catalina claims Francisco for allowing it. Luis returns to work at Crónica Capital, with Catalina’s help. Alejandro kisses Leonora, but José Carlos discovers him, and in an episode of jealousy confronts his brother.


4 “La Esmeralda” 10 October 2019 24 October 2019 2.5 TBA
After a date night, Leonora invites Alejandro to her house to drink beer, but later Luis arrives on an unexpected visit. The sexual tension between Gélica and Catalina begins to have roots. Ámbar discovers a message on Francisco’s cell phone where Catalina is waiting for him in Acapulco, moments later, Francisco calls Catalina and Ámbar listens to the conversation Francisco had by phone call with Catalina. After Luis leaves Leonora’s house, she and Alejandro spend the night together. The next morning, Catalina calls Alejandro, and reminds him of the plans to obtain Carlos’s inheritance, to which he confirms that he spent the night with Leonora. José Carlos, annoyed, confronts Catalina for freezing his bank accounts. Leonora receives a gift ring sent by Alejandro at work, but he does not answer Leonora’s call, since he was with Miguel. In that, Leonora goes to look for him at the Larios mansion, but by surprise she meets José Carlos. Catalina already in Acapulco, is waiting for Francisco, but by surprise Ámbar comes to confront her, during the discussion Catalina discovers that Ámbar was the one who sent photos of her infidelity with Francisco to Carlos, causing the heart attack that ended up killing him. In that, Catalina and Ámbar begin to fight to the death, until Catalina manages to submerge Ámbar’s head, so that she can drown her. In the end, Catalina supposedly manages to kill Ámbar, but by carelessness when answering Alejandro’s call, Catalina sees that Ámbar’s body disappeared, to which she manages to escape from Catalina, but moments later, she is reached by Catalina, who manages to make her faint with a blow to the head and tie her in a safe place. Francisco arrives in Acapulco and spends the afternoon with Catalina aboard a yacht, hours later, Catalina sends a message to Francisco from Ámbar’s phone, posing as her, telling her that she already knows everything about the relationship with Catalina.


5 “En esta vida no podemos ser débiles” 11 October 2019 25 October 2019 2.3 TBA
After hitting Ámbar and keeping her captive in the basement of her home in Acapulco, Catalina tries to convince Francisco to forget his wife. After several attempts to manipulate him, she convinces him to return to the city and talk to his nephews, once reunited, Francisco assures them that he is doing his best to find his wife. By informing them that Diego is the one who is helping him, José Carlos becomes enraged and demands that he call the police. In that, José Carlos decides to call his aunt to see how she is, Catalina answers the call but makes no sound. Then she hangs up the phone and sends a message to the worried young man assuring him that she is well and asks him not to look for her. Meanwhile, Leonora and Luis meet at night to take care of Matías and there, the reporter assures his friend that Alejandro Larios is with her solely for fashion. On the other hand, Miguel surprises Alejandro in his office and asks him to hire him as an advisor. After a small jealousy scene, the couple is in full romance when José Carlos interrupts and discovers them. Immediately, Alejandro tries to explain to his brother what is happening but the man only advises him to come out of the closet and not be manipulated by his mother. Meanwhile, Catalina calls Diego to go immediately to “La Esmeralda” and get rid of Ámbar. The henchman accepts and takes the woman in the trunk without knowing that she is alive. Then, take the truck to a pit and send it to shred. On the other hand, Alejandro plans with Miguel to meet at night but his mother forbids him since she ordered him to invite Leonora to dinner, all this in order to secure his future with his father’s inheritance.


6 “Me estoy enamorando de ti” 14 October 2019 TBA 2.6 TBA
7 “Apariencias” 15 October 2019 TBA 2.4 TBA


Title Original air date
“Cuna de lobos: El especial” 12 October 2019
Special dedicated to Catalina Creel, which shows the reasons she has to control everyone, kill and disappear the people who get in her way.


  1. Jump up to:a b c d e Premiered early online through Las Estrellas website on 4 October 2019.


Mexico ratings

Season Episodes First aired Last aired Avg. viewers
Date Viewers
Date Viewers
1 7 7 October 2019 5.8 TBA TBD 2.99

U.S. ratings[edit]

Season Timeslot (ET) Episodes First aired Last aired Avg. viewers
Date Viewers
Date Viewers
1 Mon–Fri 9pm TBA 21 October 2019 TBD TBA TBD TBD

Ver Cuna de lobos Capitulo 19: Capítulos Completos de Cuna de lobosCuna de lobos Capitulos Completos Online, Ver Cuna de lobos Online Gratis hd.

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