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Diseñando Tu Amor Capítulo 118 Completo HD

Diseñando Tu Amor Capítulo 118 is an upcoming Mexican telenovela that will premiere on Las Estrellas on 26 April 2021. The series is produced by Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo. It is an adaptation of the Portuguese telenovela Meu Amor created by António Barreira, and will star Gala Montes and Juan Diego Covarrubias. The series revolves around Valentina (Gala Montes) and Nora (Ale Müller), two sisters, with different personalities, who share the desire to stand out in the world of the fashion industry.

Valentina (Gala Montes) is a young woman who dreams of succeeding in the world of fashion. She works in a pasteurizing factory belonging to Ricardo’s (Chris Pascal) family, who makes her believe that he will help her fulfill her dream, but only wants to take advantage of her and use her to steal his father’s money and his company. Valentina and Ricardo’s plan to escape is discovered, which will condemn Ricardo to take a trip alongside his father Armando, a successful businessman who does not forgive the betrayal of his son and who threatens to send him to jail as well as his accomplice. Unfortunately, the trip turns into a tragedy and changes the lives of all. Thus, Valentina and her sister Nora (Ale Müller) will arrive in a new city where they will meet Claudio (Juan Diego Covarrubias), a nobleman who as a lawyer will help the members of his community with the legal problems they will face. Immediately the flame of love will light between Valentina and Claudio after meeting, but Nora will try to get in the way to win over Claudio. At the same time, Ricardo will reappear to get Valentina back as well as his money.

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