Egyptian chicken shawarma with garlic dip

-Half a kilo of boneless and chopped thighs
-Half a kilo of chopped boneless breasts
-Two packs of yogurt
-Half a cup of vinegar
-Juice of a large lemon
-Salt and Pepper
-Mixed spices
-Onion powder
-Tom Powder
-Why did I get grated?
-Chopped parsley

In a large bowl, put the yogurt and all the spices, lemon juice and vinegar, then put the hips and the cut breasts in a bowl and stir them together. It is preferable to let the chicken marinate for two or three hours….After that, bring a very hot bowl with a little oil and put the chicken in batches with constant stirring until all the water dries completely. And it takes a sweet color….After that, add some onions and my heart, and then diced tomatoes and stir well, and then we spread a little bit.

Sandwich sauce:
-Minced tom
-White vinegar
-Lemon juice
-Salt and Pepper

We will stir all the ingredients together in no order, even if you feel that the texture is a little thinner. Add warm water while stirring.

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