Famous rice with risotto sauce

Risotto Rice:
-2 cups of basmati rice, washed and soaked for half an hour in hot water. You can use Egyptian rice instead of basmati, but without soaking
-Big spoon chicken broth powder
-Big hanging ketchup
-Large hanging mustard
-Large spoon grated onion
-Salt and Pepper
-Text hanging small curry
-Text of a small hanging turmeric
-Small hanging text Tom powder
-Small hanging text Cinnamon ground
-Optional sprinkle of saffron powder
-Quarter cup of oil

Put it on the fire, put the oil and onions for a minute, add the spices, turn it over, and bring it down with ketchup and mustard, and stir them together for a minute. We go down with the rice and sour for two minutes. Add 2 cups of boiling water.

Rizo Sauce:
-Half a cup of ketchup
-Half a cup of barbecue
-Large hanging mustard
-2 tablespoons molasses or brown sugar
-2 big spoons of soy sauce
-Sprinkle salt and pepper
All the ingredients together, in no order

Crispy Chicken:
-Chicken breast
-A cup of Rayeb milk or a carton of yogurt or a cup of regular milk
-Half a cup of hot sauce and you can dispense with it or replace it with ketchup
-Salt and Pepper
-Onion powder
-Tom Powder

We season the breasts with all the ingredients above and start preparing the wrapping mixture.

Packing mixture:
-2 cups flour
-Quarter cup of starch
-Small pinch baking powder
-Text of a small hanging turmeric
-Salt and Pepper
-Crushed shata
-Tom Powder
-Onion powder

All the above ingredients are stirred together and we take out the chicken from the seasoning on the flour and then on the iced water and then return it to the flour again.

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