Homemade cream caramel

Cream Caramel

-A kilo of milk or a kilo of only a quarter of milk and a cup of whipped cream will be great… I mean 3 cups of milk and a cup of cream keeps the total for a liter or a kilo of liquids.. and the cream is ——Optional. You can only make a kilo of milk
-2 tablespoons as powdered milk..Optional, but with more fat
-6 large eggs
-A cup of sugar for the cream mixture
-Text hanging small vanilla
-A cup of caramel sugar + a quarter cup of water
-Half a cup of water

We get a saucepan and put a cup of sugar in it with a quarter of a cup of water and turn it down and shake it, but the saucepan and the fire are medium and wait until it turns a dark golden color, remove it from the fire, and we go down to the second half cup of water gradually, pour a little and stir, and so on. Our molds prepare the rest of our sweet cream
We boil the liquid milk and with it the powdered milk and cream on the fire…. In the urine of the perineum, we beat eggs with sugar for 3 minutes… We drop some of the boiled milk on the eggs gradually, not once. If there is any foam left on the mixture, you must remove any foam and filter the mixture through a narrow filter….. and pour the remaining cream over the caramel that is in our molds.. We put the molds in a tray with hot water and connect it to the middle of the mold and we put them in a preheated oven at 160 degrees and it takes 45 A minute to an hour, depending on the size of the eggs.

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