Japanese pocket pie

Pocket pies:
-3 cups sifted flour
-Hanging as yeast
-Hanging as sugar
-¼ cup powdered milk… optional
-Small egg
-¼ cup melted butter or oil
-Pinch of salt
-Warm milk for kneading or water

Polishing Mixture:
-Egg yolk
-Quarter cup of milk
-Hanging r khal
-Sprinkle white pepper
-Hanging text r instant coffee

Improved mixture ingredients:
-A cup of a quarter of a water
-Quarter cup of flour
-For stuffing
-Lluncheon meat
-Cheddar cheese
-tomato rings
-Colored pepper rings
-Habat al Baraka
-dried thyme
-Whole grain oats

The Way…..

The first thing to turn the improved mixture is water and flour on the cold side, and then we put it on the fire with stirring, and when it turns into a pudding-like pudding, we close the fire and cover it with a blanket or a bag and wait for it to cool completely… and we start preparing the dough… a large bowl of flour with yeast, sugar and salt And the powdered milk and the egg, we stir them together. After that, we gradually add the milk and knead well. After 5 minutes of kneading, we add the butter and knead again, and then we add two large spoons of the improved mixture that we made above and let it cool down… After that we stop kneading the first time the dough is smooth and rolled with us.
We cover it with fermentation for half an hour, and after that we divide the dough into 8 balls and rest them for a quarter of an hour… and we start to take a ball of ball and spread it on a fine sprinkle from above and below and it is not thin or thick… and we start to grease half of it with oil and apply it in two parts and apply oil to a quarter of it…and the step is This is the best thing to see in the video of the episode … it came down an hour ago on the page and after that we put them in an oiled baking sheet and rest them for a quarter of an hour and paint them with the polishing mixture and spray anything we like on the surface and enter the oven preheated to 180 for a quarter of an hour and as soon as you come out cover it with a kitchen towel and wait for it to cool down and start Stuff it and eat the sweetest and most beautiful pancakes in the world.

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