Kofta with dill and flour sauce

-Half a kilo of minced meat
-Onion, grated and squeezed
-Meat spices
-Garlic powder
-Half a cup of chopped dill
-2 tablespoons of rusk

We mix all the ingredients for the kofta together and put it in a Tefal pan with a little oil, and after it is ready, we prepare the sauce below, let’s see how we will do it.

-Half a cup of flour
-A tablespoon of lemon juice
-Small spoonful of minced garlic

You will stir all the above ingredients together and then gradually reduce the hot water until you have a medium texture for the tahini.
Go down left with sauce. This is on the kofta that has been cooked in the bowl for a long time, and we turn off the fire … a little white rice with butter, left over with kofta and sauce drowning.

Custard glaze:
Glash roll
Cooked custard
Sugar Icing
Warm milk

We take a sheet of gulash and grease it with melted butter and we put the custard, coconut and raisins in half and start applying the gulash as in the envelope and put it in a Tefal bowl with a bit of butter and when it browns sprinkle powdered sugar or a warm milk boy and eat the sweetest sweets that will be ready in minutes

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