Meat roll with eggs

-Half a kilo of minced meat
-An egg
-Half a cup of rusk
-Small spoonful of meat spices
-Onion, finely grated and drained
-5 boiled eggs

Mix the meat ingredients together, as follows
The raw egg, the breadcrumbs, the drained onions and all the spices, and we put a sheet of foil on it with a sheet of butter and we start putting our meat after kneading it well and we try to equal it in the form of a rectangle and we place the boiled eggs in half of the meat and we start to wrap it and close very well and press and wrap it…. After that we wrap it with a layer of foil too. We put it in an oven tray with a little water, reach a quarter of our roll and enter the oven at 200 for an hour and let it cool completely, preferably if we put it in the refrigerator for how many hours and after that we cut it.

Garlic Pasta:
-Boiled penne pasta
-Cup tomato juice
-Large pinch minced garlic
-Minced basil

We stir the garlic in a little oil, and when its smell comes out, we put the tomato juice and wait for it to boil a little. Then we add black pepper and sugar, a pinch of salt and chopped basil, and forget to take gluten, and we put the boiled pasta and put down the fire for five minutes and it is ready.

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