Milk cake casserole with fruit

-Half a kilo of Sponge Eggy Chef
-6 eggs
-Half a cup of water

We will beat it all together in no order for 7 minutes on high speed and no use for a mixer or hand mixer … and after that we pour the mixture into a baking sheet furnished with butter paper and enter a preheated oven at 180 for a quarter of an hour and it comes out and cools completely and we start cutting it and laying it on the floor of the casserole.

-Iggy Chef Shanti Cream Cup
-Half a cup of Eggy Chef Pastry
-2 cups cold water

All together until we find a smooth creamy mixture and it is ready.

Milk mixture:
-Half a cup of condensed milk
-Half a cup of regular milk
-Half a cup of whipping cream

We turn it all together on the cold, and then we warm it up in the microwave for a minute and we start preparing the casserole. We put a slice of cake … and water it with the milk mixture. Wait five minutes so that the cake absorbs the milk, and after that we put the cream layer … and we put it in the refrigerator for an hour and we take it out and provide the fillings of the fruit.

For decorating and filling:
-Fruit fillings

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