Mix shawarma, rosary salad, marinated cucumber and grilled peppered rice

Chicken Shawarma:

-Half a kilo of chicken breasts
-Lemon juice
-White vinegar
-Minced tom
-Onion powder
-Salt and Pepper
-Dry coriander
-Olive oil
-Chopped parsley

We will season the breasts with all the ingredients above, and we will get a hot bowl with oil and ghee, and we will go down with the breasts and fry well until they have a sweet color and are leveled. We turn off the fire and add the vegetable mixture written below and it will be ready for sandwiches or on rice.

Meat Shawarma:
-Half a kilo of meat
-Why onions?
-Salt and Pepper
-Tom Powder
-7 spices
-White vinegar
-Why finely chopped lamb?

A bowl on the fire, in it a little oil and half the amount of chopped mint, and fry the meat until it is golden … We drop the meat after we season it with salt, pepper, water, onions and the rest of the spices and stir it until all the water dries up and becomes level, and a minute before we turn off the fire, we lower the rest of the amount of meat, turn and close and add the vegetable mixture.

Vegetable Mix:
-Red onion
-Finely chopped parsley
-Salt and Pepper

We will turn all the ingredients together and serve them to two types of shawarma after they are not cooked together and we have removed them from the fire.

-Boiled chickpeas
-Minced tom
-Lemon juice
-Salt and Pepper
-Cold water or boiled chickpea water
-Pomegranate for garnish
-Chopped parsley for garnish

Bring the sweet kibbeh and put hummus, tahini, minced garlic and all the spices and some oil and hit it all together until well. During the beating, we drop water because the kibbeh is damaged … and the texture remains soft. Put it in a plate and put a little olive oil and garnish with pomegranate and parsley. And water them before eating.

Mutabal Cucumber:
-Sliced cucumber
-Sliced green olives
-Lemon juice
-Olive oil

It’s all on top of each other, there are no steps..but in fact, this option tastes superb.

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