Orange cake

-A cup and a half of sifted flour
-Half a cup of sunflower oil
-¼ cup melted ghee or butter
-Only a quarter cup of regular sugar, and you can make it half a cup
-3 small eggs or 2 large
-One large spoon of baking powder, equivalent to 10 grams
-Text hanging small vanilla
-Half a cup of very well filtered orange juice
-2 large spoons full of orange zest without reaching the white part

Bring your mixer and put eggs, sugar, oil, ghee, vanilla, orange juice, and beat them for five minutes.. At this time, sift the flour with the baking… and pour them with the liquids that have not been beaten, and stir well with a hand mixer, and the last thing that comes down is the orange zest and my heart is fine, just that… Pour the mixture in Tray 22 and put it in the oven preheated to 180 for 35 minutes only.

Orange Icing:
-2 cups powdered sugar
-From a quarter to a half a cup of orange juice
-Vanilla sprinkle
-Orange humans

My heart all together until you have a mixture of heavy texture and pour it on the cake when it cools, and this step is optional.

Orange jam:
-Half a kilo of orange peel
-Half a kilo of oranges, cut into small pieces
-Cup of orange juice
-2 cups of sugar
-Quarter cup of lemon juice
-Half a cup of shredded carrots

A solution on the fire in which it boils. Bring the orange peel to boil for five minutes, drain it and change the water again. Wait for it to boil for five minutes, describe it, and then here is a solution. Put the peel down after it boils and filter, and add the orange slices, sugar, carrots and orange juice, and when it boils well, and Chili any rim that appears… Put the lemon juice down. And calm the fire 45 minutes until it connects and eat the sweetest and most delicious jam.

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