Pasta one pot with fajita and spices

Pasta with Fajita:
-Half a kilo of chicken breasts
-Pepper colors
-Red onion
-2 spoons of fajita seasoning
-Cup tomato juice
-A cup of meh
-Macaroni pen nih

Bring a large pot and put some oil in it and put the chicken breasts on it with two large spoons of the fajita spices that we have prepared below and after that add the onions and peppers and saute them well for five minutes and put all this in a side dish … In the same pot, put a cup of tomato juice, a cup of boiled water and 3 spoons. As oil, and when the mixture boils, take out a bag of half a kilo of pasta and stir them well … and add a spoonful of fajita spices, salt and pepper.

Fajita seasoning:
-Large hanging shatta…optional
-Big hanging starch
-Big hanging paprika
-Big spoon of regular sugar
-Large hanging cumin
-Big spoon tom powder
-Big spoon of onion powder
-Small pinch white pepper
-One large spoon of dried and crushed red pepper

My heart is all together well and keep it in any clean and dry jar.

Quesadilla with minced meat:
Live tortilla
Half a kilo of minced meat
Minced onion
Chopped red pepper
Salt and Pepper
Tom Powder
Hanging as tomato sauce
Mix cheese

Take a bowl, put the meat and onions in it, and saute them for five minutes, and then add salt, pepper, paprika and Tom powder, stir for a minute, add chopped red pepper and tomato sauce, and fry them together. The second is that you will be ready.

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