Prepare chicken in white sauce

-Chicken breast cubes
-Colored pepper small cubes
-Small diced carrots
-Zucchini small cubes
-Olive oil
-2 tablespoons ground oats
-3 cups fat-free milk
-ΒΌ cup dark soy sauce
-Onion powder
-Garlic powder
-Ground ginger
-Salt and black pepper
-Chopped parsley for garnish

A sweet bowl with a little olive oil, we take out the chicken with all the spices except for thyme and fry them well until they are cooked and after that we go down with all the vegetables and turn a heart a little heart until the vegetables turn well and start to rise, a simple thing … We will be equipped with a large bowl of milk, ground oats, and some soy sauce and salt. Pepper and thyme, turn them on the cold, and put them on the chicken with vegetables and turn them over a medium fire until the mixture binds and its letters boil and close and only the best sauce and the best chicken.

Potato Salad:
-Boiled cubed potatoes
-Grated carrots
-Rite yogurt
-Light Mayonnaise
-Garlic powder
-Salt and black pepper

There is no way this is all on each other and here and lips.

Chocolate oatmeal pudding:
-4 cups fat-free milk
-2 cups whole grain oats
-3 mashed bananas
-Half a cup of raw cocoa
-Tablespoon instant coffee
-Half a cup of white honey or diet sugar
-4 cubes of dark chocolate, preferably grated

Bring a saucepan and put milk, oats, cocoa and coffee in it, and stir them on the cold, and then raise them on the fire with stirring and a little, and bring down the chocolate and my heart, and when the mixture begins to boil and reduce, turn off the fire and add the mashed banana and sweet white honey and pour the mixture into glasses and wait for it to cool down and enter the refrigerator for an hour and decorate it with pistachios and strawberries.

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