Red velvet tart

-Half a kilo of red velvet flour EgyChef
-4 eggs
-Half a cup of Rayeb milk
-Half a cup of oil

We will beat all the ingredients together for 6 minutes on high speed and then transfer them to a 24-inch tray greased with oil and flour and enter a preheated oven at 180 for 35 to 40 minutes.

Filling Cream:
-350 grams of cream cheese, any kind
-200 grams of soft butter, about a cup of which is a tablespoon
-200 grams of powdered sugar, about a cup and a half
-Cup of whipping cream
-A cup of frozen milk
-Half a cup of Iggy Chef Chantilly cream

We will hit all the ingredients and put the cream Shanti in two batches with the frozen milk … for 4 minutes, until it has a soft creamy texture…. We transfer the cream into a confectioner’s bag and start stuffing our cake and enter the refrigerator an hour before serving and that’s it.

To Decorate:
-Sliced strawberry
-Fine crushed pistachio
-Mint leaves



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