Seafood casserole with cream

Seafood Mix:
-Chopped red onion
-Minced garlic
-Chopped celery
-Minced balls
-Oil and butter
-Salt and black pepper
-Fish spices
-Crushed rosemary
-Cream cup
-Cup mozzarella cheese

Put on the fire, put oil and two pieces of butter, so nice, and bring down the following…onion tom celery balls and fry them together well. After that, bring down the squid and fry it for five minutes, then the shrimp and turn it over. When the shrimp changes color, add the fish and add your sweet spices with salt and pepper….and then Sprinkle a little flour and my heart, and then we provide a cape of shrimp broth, which we will make under and over it along the gluten cream and close. Yama, provide the mozzarella as you did and stir it all together and take it in the oven … or leave it for the last five minutes while it is in the oven … and it enters a preheated oven. On 180 for 20 minutes and live in the heart of the tagine…Get ready your goose and go down and take a respectable dive.

Shrimp Soup:
-Shrimp peel
-Laura paper
-Coriander grits
-Black pepper grits

A pot with a little oil, bring all the ingredients together and stir them, then mash the peel well and add the boiling water, and when the whole mixture boils, calm the fire for half an hour, and after that, filter the mixture and do the best job for me.

Pasta with garlic and rosemary:
-Boiled strip pasta
-Minced garlic
-Oil and butter
-Fresh rosemary crushed
-Cream cup
-Salt and black pepper
-Crushed red pepper

A saucepan with oil and butter, put in two cloves, half a cup of minced Tom, and saute for less than a minute. Then add a capful of shrimp broth in two turns, and bring the cream down for one minute, and reduce the fire for five minutes. Then we add salt, pepper, rosemary and crushed red pepper. Put the boiled pasta down, 3 minutes, and close the fire. It will be ready.

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