Sweet kebab with brown sauce and grilled salad

-kilo of meat
-Coarsely chopped onion
-2 cloves minced garlic
-One spoonful of tomato sauce
-Tablespoon of ghee
-Meat spices
-Salt and black pepper
-Boiling water

A saucepan on the fire in which it is hung as ghee, heated. We go down with the meat and my heart is very pissed off. Until you find the meat, its color remains dark golden. We put the onions with a sprinkle of black pepper and spices for meat and nutmeg. A little more than a few minutes, you will be consumed by half a cup….and when the fire boils, its hair and cover it and every time you drink the water, add it again a little bit, and in half of it, adjust the salt. Just like that.

Mixed Rice:
-chopped onion
-2 cups basmati rice
-Boiled soup
-Tablespoon cinnamon
-7 spices
-2 tablespoons sugar
-Roasted sliced almonds
-Liver and giblets

The first thing you will need is a solution that contains the amount of sugar, a little bit of ghee, and a little boiled water. When the sugar is caramelized, I go down with a finely chopped saucepan and stir it for two minutes. Then we put all the spices, stir it, and put the rice down and stir for two minutes. Then we bring the boiled water down, and when it boils well, calm the fire and let it rest.

In the meantime, we prepare the liver and giblets.

Bring a saucepan and put some ghee in it with a chopped onion and saute it with a pinch of salt. When it turns yellow, put the giblets with a sprinkle of black pepper and spices for meat and my heart until it is browned and cooked… Then we supply the liver… and we prefer to stir until the liver is cooked as well…. And we supply two cloves of Tom. Minced and stir it…and put down the raisins.

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