The cotton dough is as soft as the pudding

A soft dough, like the pudding, will not satisfy you until you get rid of the tray.

-3 cups flour
-A tablespoon of sugar
-A tablespoon of yeast
-Teaspoon baking powder
-Yogurt box
-Quarter cup of milk powder
-Quarter cup of oil
-Cup of warm water for kneading
-Pinch of salt

We will stir all the dry ingredients together, and then we put the oil and stir for a minute, then the yogurt, we stir and we start to drop the water one by one and knead the dough, not less than 10 minutes. On the hands, we rest the dough and let it ferment for an hour… After that, shape it as you like and stuff it with any filling you like… I stuffed turkey cheese. Mix gyne and cheese triangles, and in one stuffed it, mix parsley with mozzarella, and after the filling, cover it and rest for another quarter of an hour, and grease it with the polishing mixture written under and sprinkle it on the sesame seed and the black seed and enter the oven preheated to 180 for 10 to 12 minutes The oven is working up and down on the middle shelf and as soon as you come out cover it With a kitchen towel, and congratulations.

Polishing mixture:
-Quarter cup of milk
-Egg yolk
-Small hanging text Nescafe

We turn it all together and paint with me some pastries.

-Triangle cheese
-Shredded romano cheese
-Shredded cheddar cheese
-Mozzarella cheese
-Finely chopped parsley


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