The tilapia fish dish with sauce is a very easy and quick dish

-Tilapia fish tray
-Kilo tilapia fish
-2 cups tomato juice
-Chopped celery
-Chopped onion
-Large hanging chopped tom
-Diced tomato
-Minced hot red pepper
-Half a spoonful of chopped ginger or a spoonful of powder
-Salt and Pepper
-Cumin and coriander
-Fish spices
-Quarter cup of lemon juice

By God, we call that and we start preparing the fish marinade, which is about tom lemon, cumin, coriander, fish spices, salt and pepper, and we stuff the fish with them well and we make 3 holes in it with a knife and we also put the marinade inside it… After that we put the fish in the flour and then on hot and abundant oil for five minutes on a high heat Get out on kitchen paper.

We start preparing the sbekeh…a saucepan on the fire with oil. We drop in onions, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, coriander and fish spices and fry them for five minutes. Then we bring down the ginger, tomatoes and hot peppers and stir them until the tomato water dries up…Then we add tomato juice and wait for the gluten to boil and we go down with some celery and give it a go. The fire is so that the mixture is splattered…After it melts, we turn off the fire and add some celery as well…and here is a casserole or a tray and put some of the stew on it and top it with the roasted fish and pour the rest of the stew on it and put the casserole in a preheated oven at 180 for 20 minutes, but that’s why you have the best dish. fish.

Parsley salad:
-Quarter cup of lemon juice
-Quarter cup of flour
-Finely chopped parsley
-Salt and Pepper
-Minced tom

We stir it all together, and if you feel the mixture, give it a little water and my heart.

Tomato and cucumber salad with tahini:
-Quarter cup of flour
-Quarter cup of lemon juice
-ΒΌ cup mayonnaise
-Small diced tomatoes
-Small cubes cucumber
-Chopped dill
-Salt and Pepper

The same thing all together.

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