The upside-down tart stuffed with Ferrero Rocher and a cup of torment

The first thing we do is make a terrible chocolate cake

Boiled Milk Cake:
-Flour cup
-¼ cup raw cocoa
-2 eggs
-Half a cup of sugar
-Quarter cup of oil
-A quarter cup of milk
-3 spoons as butter
-1 tablespoon as baking powder
-Pinch of salt

We will beat in the blender oil, sugar and vanilla together for 4 minutes. At this time, put the milk with the butter and let them heat up well on the fire. Prepare a bowl of flour, cocoa, baking powder and a pinch of salt…and put the mixer and my heart on top of them. The mixture in a tray is 22.
I am for the size of a tortilla ring, multiply the amount by 3 and put it in a tray of 26 …. and we put it in a preheated oven at 180 for half an hour and after it is done we take it out and cool completely and after that it is ready to work. Let’s prepare the filling

Chocolate Filling:
-2 cups raw chantilly cream
-2 cups frozen milk
-Broken white wafer
-Crushed Oreo..Optional
-Hazelnut Cappuccino Bag
-Half a cup of chocolate spread
-Nesquik cup text
-Suspended as instant coffee
-¼ cup roasted and ground hazelnuts

We hit milk, Chantilly cream, Nutella, cappuccino, coffee, and Nexwick together, and then we supply the wafer, Oreo and hazelnuts, and we hit a minute, and you can leave the filling without Nesquik, as I did in the version I prepared before the air.

Hazelnut Chocolate Sauce:
-Milk chocolate cup
-A quarter cup of milk
-Hanging like butter
-Hanging as Chantilly cream
-¼ cup roasted and crushed hazelnuts
-1 tablespoon instant coffee

Stir the milk with the cream Chantilly and the chocolate and let them warm up until the chocolate melts…After that add the butter and wait for the mixture to cool down and put the toasted hazelnuts crushed and pour it on the cake while it is falling.
Ok, let’s see how we will make the cake after all this.

You will get a bowl and cover it with the stretch, and take the first slice of cake and put it under the floor of the bowl, and you can water it with a little milk with Nescafe … and put a decent amount of filling and top it with another slice of cake and so on. And the last layer will be cake, close the ends of the stretch and put it in the refrigerator for 10 hours and in the morning, bring it out, pour the chocolate sauce.

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