This recipe for breakfast is sweet beans

Bring the beans and put them on the fire. It is hot, close, and bring the hoon or kebbeh, and put in it the juice of half a lemon and some sweet oil, two cloves of Tom, a peppercorn, cover vinegar, salt, cumin and coriander and mash it all together and add it to the beans and on top of it, flour, oil, tomatoes and bell pepper.

Tomato Sauce:

A piece of sweet oil, we go down with minced garlic with a sprinkle of salt and the first thing yellows, we put small cubes of tomatoes and a pepper pod with a sprinkle of cumin, coriander, hot sauce and roast for five minutes.

Coriander Fries:

A bowl with oil, cumin, coriander, minced garlic, green coriander, lemon juice, salt and pepper, stir all with diced fried potatoes and put it in the fridge for two hours.


Its urine contains a quarter cup of tahini. We add warm water with it, and we prefer to stir it until it becomes lighter. We supply the remains of Tom, lemon, cumin, coriander, lemon juice, and a spoonful of yogurt.

Boiled Pickled Eggplant:

Boil the eggplant until it evaporates…and prepare the filling mixture
Tom Lemon, cumin, grated carrots, green and red hot pepper, chopped parsley, salt vinegar and hot pepper… We stir the mixture, stuff the eggplant and put it in a box, squeeze a large lemon, cover it, and put it in the fridge for two hours.

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