Without Oven Strawberry Jam Donuts Recipe

(Without Oven) Fluffy Flower Donuts : Custard Cream Donuts, Strawberry Jam Donuts Recipe.

I made donuts in the shape of flowers,
It’s easy to make, so give it a try.
You can eat the petals one by one, so it’s fun to eat.
It is good as a snack for children, or as a dessert for guests with coffee.

18 pieces of 9cm in diameter

– 350g Bread flour
– 1 Room temperature egg, 60g (medium size)
– 40g Room temperature unsalted butter
– 50g Sugar
– 6g Salt
– 6g Instant dry yeast
– 160ml Warm milk

– Sugar powder (optional)
– Custard Cream
– Strawberry jam (any kind)

Custard Cream (for reference)
– 100ml milk
– 8g unsalted butter
– 8g wheat flour
– 13g sugar
– 1 egg yolk
– 3~4 drops of vanilla essence
– 1 pinch salt

– You can easily make homemade jam without custard cream.
– Refrigerate leftovers after eating.
– When frying donuts, fry them over low heat.
– You can bake it in an oven or air fryer (15-20 minutes at 170℃ in the oven)
– When baking in the oven, grease the surface with milk or egg.

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